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Custom Charts


 I've provided professional sheet music and scores for cruise ship fly-on acts, big bands, orchestra and everything in between.


Professionally formatted, clearly written charts allow live musicians to perform the music free of error. By removing layout problems, awkward page turns, and properly binding/taping charts, delays can be avoided, making for a more efficient use of expensive studio time.

Music preparation services I can provide include:

  • Transcription/Takedowns

  • Orchestration

  • Engraving

  • Printing

  • Score binding 

  • Part taping

  • Shipping


(click images to view)

Score and lyric sheet from a Ray Charles tribute show for a fly-on cruise ship performer

(landscape on 81/2 x 11" letter paper)

Score for baritone sax feature for jazz big band, with cover page

(landscape, comb bound on 11 x 17" tabloid paper)

Full score for a large-scale performance featuring a lead vocals, background vocals, horn section, strings, and rhythm

(portrait, coil bound on 11 x 17" tabloid paper)

Once complete and formatted, scores and parts can be printed, bound (or organized into binders/booklets), packaged and mailed (at extra cost)

For scores and booklets, coil and

comb bindings are available:

Coil binding


Comb binding


Get A Quote

Please contact me to discuss your project. Things to consider:

  • What is the size of your project? (How many songs/how long are the songs?)

  • What is the instrumentation?

  • How much of your project will require transcribing?

  • Will you need parts/scores printed?

  • Will you need parts/scores bound, taped, or organized into booklets/binders?

  • Will you need your project shipped to you?

Music Composition

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