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8 Bit / Electronic

Fantasy / RPG

Video Games

Hit N' Bit is a 2.5D fantasy-RPG metroidvania game currently in development by Digital Scorpion Interactive. The playlist below contains the music I wrote for the first explorable area of the game, the floating Island city of Cerulis.

Click the image below to learn more about Digital Scorpion Interactive:

Hare Runner was a super fun project produced by the Sleepy Donut dev team for Ludum Dare 52. I contributed music and voiceover for the game, working alongside a team of incredibly talented people from all over the world. The game was rated in the top 3% in the audio category for the jam! See the game's itch page to play, and for a full list of credits.

Also check out Sleepy Donut Jams, a video game music compilation from myself and Spaced Out Studios, and the first release on the Audion Song Records from Badself Media. Available on Bandcamp, Amazon, Spotify, and iTunes.