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About Me

My name is Michael Spicer, and I'm a sound designer

currently living in Las Vegas. 

Originally from Nova Scotia, Canada, I began a professional music career with Carnival Cruise Lines in 2010 as a show band saxophonist. After an amazing six years performing with intensely talented individuals, I moved to Vegas to establish my career on solid ground.

I graduated with a Master's in Composition from UNLV in 2018, and began freelancing as a musician, composer, and educator. It was when I came across Winnifred Phillip's book A Composer's Guide to Game Music that my eyes were opened to the world of non-linear writing and the potential of writing music for video games, which led me to attend local International Game Developer's Association meetups and participating in game jams as a composer, where I was asked to provide sound effects and ambient tracks as well, and from there I fell madly in love with sound design.

Since 2019 I've designed sound for podcasters, Youtubers and game developers. Leveraging my ability to work remotely, I currently work as an Audio Designer for Digital Scorpion Interactive, a remote gaming company currently developing their first two upcoming titles, mobile strategy game Tales of Valoris, and Hit N' Bit, a 2.5 Metroidvania RPG. Additionally I am currently working with Magic Games on their 2D platformer Duck Paradox, and Toronto-based studio City From Naught on their upcoming cyberpunk detective action game, Keyword 2. (See Projects tab)


If I had to choose one video game to call my favorite, it would have to be the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Anyone who has seen me in a zoom call knows that I have a life-sized, 3D-printed replica of the mask from the game hanging on my studio wall behind me that I hand-painted myself!

Collaborating with animators, game devs, filmmakers and other creatives is my favorite part of the career I've chosen. Being able to contribute my work alongside other immensely talented creators drives my passion for this work. If you have a project that could benefit from professional quality audio, I would love to hear from you!

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