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Keyword 2: Nightfall

Sound Design

Keyword 2: Nightfall is a captivating open-world detective RPG that places a strong emphasis on intricate world-building. Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey filled with mysteries as the game presents multiple endings and mind-boggling puzzles that lead to awe-inspiring moments of revelation.. (In development)

Tales of Valoris: Swallow's Defenders 

Sound Design Music

Tales of Valoris is a tower defense game from Digital Scorpion Interactive in which players command a variety of warriors and mages to defend the city of Swallow's Keep. Available now!

Duck Paradox 

Additional Sound Design

Save your pet Duck from a time paradox in this Pixel Art, bullet hell platformer from Magic Games Studio. Shoot bouncing bullets to kill corrupted versions of your duck. Slow down time to maneuver in a flashy way as you try to solve puzzles under pressure and chain explosions to rescue the original version of your pet Duck!

Hit N' Bit

Sound Design | Music  | Implementation

Another Digital Scorpion Interactive title currently in development, this 2.5D Metroidvania RPG follows siblings Hitendra and Thybit on an epic fantasy adventure.

Hare Runner

Music  | Dialogue

In this comedic and musical bullet hell, you play as a cybernetically enhanced rabbit fighting evil organic beings called vegetables. 

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