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Video Game Projects

Duck Paradox (2024)

Additional Sound Design

Duck Paradox is a bullet hell platformer from Magic Games Studio. Shoot bouncing bullets to kill corrupted versions of your duck. Slow down time to maneuver in a flashy way as you try to solve puzzles under pressure and chain explosions to rescue the original version of your pet Duck!

Published by Midwest Games, Duck Paradox recently won the Game of Show award at PAX East!

Screenshot 2023-11-28 112633.png
Keyword 2: Nightfall

Sound Design

Keyword 2: Nightfall is a captivating open-world detective RPG that places a strong emphasis on intricate world-building. Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey filled with mysteries as the game presents multiple endings and mind-boggling puzzles that lead to awe-inspiring moments of revelation.. (In development)

Tales of Valoris: Swallow's Defenders (2024)

Sound Design Music

Tales of Valoris is a tower defense game from Digital Scorpion Interactive in which players command a variety of warriors and mages to defend the city of Swallow's Keep. Available now!

Hit N' Bit

Sound Design | Music  | Implementation

Another Digital Scorpion Interactive title currently in development, this 2.5D Metroidvania RPG follows siblings Hitendra and Thybit on an epic fantasy adventure. (In development)

Hare Runner

Music  | Dialogue

In this comedic and musical bullet hell, you play as a cybernetically enhanced rabbit fighting evil organic beings called vegetables. 

Game Audio Implementation

Dialogue Replacement (Wwise/Unity)

A full playthrough of a dialogue re-design using the Wwise Adventure Game from Audiokinetic's Wwise Certification courses.

Exploration/Combat Music (FMOD)

An adaptive music loop that switches between "exploration" and "combat" states depending on enemy proximity. An example of Vertical Layering adaptive music.

Simple Audio Emitters/Triggers (UE5)

A looped emitter with distance attenuation sphere (radio), a simple oneshot trigger, and a trigger with randomized array (dialogue lines) using Unreal Engine 5 blueprints and meta sounds.

Adaptive Music System (FMOD)

A music system for switching between "calm" and "combat" game states using a combination of horizontal re-sequencing and vertical layering.

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