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Sound Design Breakdowns

(Click bottom right of each video to mute/unmute)

Dash Ability

The different layers I used to create the "Dash" ability sound effect in Duck Paradox.

Duck Alarm

Breakdown of the alarm that plays when the time machine is activating in Duck Paradox.

Target Break

The physical and textural elements of the Target break sound from Duck Paradox.

Time Machine Suction Loop

The use of a shepard tone in the "suction" loop that plays when the time machine is activated in Duck Paradox.

Hand Demon Voice Layers

Vocal effect I designed for an abridged parody of Demon Slayer. The Hand Demon is a grotesque monster with a tangle of arms that has consumed many people, so I wanted his voice to represent the echos of his victims, and whenever he spoke I wanted the listener to feel like they were being haunted from all sides, as if one voice spoke from many sources. 

So I created a cushion of multiple voices saying the same line underneath the dialogue. One was centered with a touch of echo added, and two more panned hard left and right, recorded at a whisper. The words underneath are all read separately (instead of copy and pasting the VA’s recording) to maximize variety. 


(Note: These effects are more obvious when listening with headphones)


A flashbang sound I designed for Keyword 2: Nightfall

Merchant Stall

Sounds I designed for the Merchant Stall unit in Tales of Valoris

Coil Gun Case

A coil gun case opening sequence for Keyword 2: Nightfall

Golem Summon

The golem summoning sequence in Tales of Valoris

Arnkor Powerup

Sounds I designed Arnkor, the first boss in Tales of Valoris

Small Source Sound 

Using a single small source sound to create a more intricate final sound using processing chains

Vocal Modulation

Some examples of vocal effect processing in Logic Pro X.

Fire Spell

Designing sound for a fire spell visual (courtesy of VFX artist Chris Sayers) using only original source recordings.

Sketchfab Gun Re-design

Recording and designing sound from scratch for a sketchfab gun animation by Haydn Cooper

Overwatch Re-design

A re-design of a clip of Overwatch's Brigitte using original source recordings and library audio. 

Spit Plant Re-design

Video game sound replacement using Wwise + Unity 

Box Fan Portal Sound

Creating a portal "shimmer" loop using just a box fan source and processing chains, implemented into Unreal Engine 5.

Halo Infinite Trailer Re-design

A breakdown of how I organized the layers of this re-design based on distance/focus- starting with Atmosphere/distant backgrounds, then adding closer backgrounds, foley, and finally special effects and foreground sounds.

Berlin International Film Scoring Competition
2021 Submission (Sound Design)

Breakdown of my submission to the 2021 competition, consisting of removing and re-adding all sounds to the 4 minute short film Genesis. 

The competition allowed me to experiment with creating sounds typical of the sci fi genre, including vehicles, robotics, creatures, and energy SFX. 

My full redesign of the film can be found here

Above: the first scene of the film, broken into atmosphere and SFX/Foley layers

Left: the lizard and robot characters in the film meeting for the first time. From a sound design standpoint, an interesting juxtaposition of organic and artificial.

Game Audio Implementation 

Dialogue Replacement (Wwise/Unity)

A full playthrough of a dialogue re-design using the Wwise Adventure Game from Audiokinetic's Wwise Certification courses.

Simple Audio Emitters/Triggers (UE5)

A looped emitter with distance attenuation sphere (radio), a simple oneshot trigger, and a trigger with randomized array (dialogue lines) using Unreal Engine 5 blueprints and meta sounds.

Exploration/Combat Music (FMOD)

An adaptive music loop that switches between "exploration" and "combat" states depending on enemy proximity. An example of Vertical Layering adaptive music.

Adaptive Music System (FMOD)

A music system for switching between "calm" and "combat" game states using a combination of horizontal re-sequencing and vertical layering.

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