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Welcome to the Spice To Meet You Podcast Page!

Spice To Meet You is an excuse for composer/sound designer Michael Spicer to talk to and learn from professionals in various creative disciplines like music, game design, education, and more.

Listen to it right here in this browser, or on your favorite platform:

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Michael Spicer introduces himself!

Ep.1: Eric Lundgren's Parkade

Parkades. Working on a cruise ship. Beard Beads. A dog named Einarr... Guitarist and composer Eric Lundgren talks about all these and more on the debut episode of Spice To Meet You.

Michael and Eric reminisce like the ol' buddies they are, and speak honestly about creative burnout, composing music, and creative life amid a pandemic.  

Learn more about The Gilded Leash, Eric and his wife Amanda's dog walking service based in Stratford, Ontario. Visit their Instagram page here.

Also Eric's musical collaboration on Robert Ball's "I Need A Man" on Spotify here.

Thank you for listening!

Spice To Before Episode 2 You

If you got a house, you gotta keep it. I don't have a house, but I housekeep nonetheless in this pre-Episode 2 bonus. Although nothing really happens, I just go over the following:

-I'll release episodes whenever I can. Thanks for your patience!

-Leave me feedback! Rate and review and comment and message etc

-If you think of any modes of transportation I could sound design to go from one episode to the next (i.e. a jet pack), let me know and I'll try to work them in!

-Thanks to Yoni Kessler for his sound... advice. You feeling that pun? I feel it.

See you in Episode 2 :D

Ep.2 It's The Butter with Bryan Canonigo

It’s the butter. It’s always been the butter. Do you feel better? 


Hi there, I finished editing this one faster than I thought I would, believe it or not. And if you don’t? Yes.


Bryan Canonigo joins me and talks about being a woodwind doubler, improvement vs. plateauing, finding motivation, the reasons we teach music, the sacrifices we make to be full time musicians, and a clarinet with butter on it. 


Also the internet said my episode file was too big, so I had to split it into two parts...

See Bryan’s music, photography and graphic design on Instagram: @bryancanonigo

Ep.2 It's The Butter with Bryan Canonigo (Part 2)

It's like Part 1, but after.

Ep.3 I Will Become an NFT with Steve Meim and Byron Beasley


Video games and why we play them, NFTs, dystopian pontifications and much more in this episode with Steve Meim and Byron Beasley, the hosts of EmpowerUp, a video game industry podcast. 

Byron is a software engineer at Encore, an interactive live music app that brings together artists and fans through new mobile experiences, and Steve is a professional video game recruiter at Onward Play that loves helping people start their careers in the video game industry. Connect to both on LinkedIn by clicking their names above.

Ep.4 Narcissist: The Musical with Mat Hayes


Creative burnout. The nature of God. A broken Oculus. LOTS of cursing. This and more in my conversation with filmmaker and podcaster Mat Hayes.


Mat is the creator and host of the Fagnostic podcast, a show about faith and sexuality that features thought provoking conversations with people of all faiths and walks of life. Mat also wrote, directed, and starred in the film Cognitive, based on his own life growing up gay in Alabama.


Learn more about Mat at hist website, or connect to him on the “Millennial” socials @hayesonit … Sorry, Gen Z. 

Ep.5 Buffalo Tears with Nate Kimball

Noble prairie animals, creation in coding and music, the future of humanity, griping about TikTok. This and nothing more in this episode with Las Vegas trombonist, composer and software engineer Nate Kimball!

Check out to find Nate’s sheet music for purchase, as well as his soundcloud page to hear his huge portfolio of big band and orchestral compositions!

Ep.6 The Evolutionary Psychology of Gunnar Clovis (Part 1)


Hunter gatherers. Finishing small projects. The “T” model of game development. Post-secondary education. Half-open doors. Game developer Gunnar Clovis and I explore these concepts and more in episode 6!

Find Gunnar’s helpful tips for game development (or any creative field) on his YouTube channel, and check out his 100+ completed games on his page. If you are interested in the Global Game Jam 2022 (end of January), Gunnar will be hosting the hybrid in-person/virtual event for the Vegas chapter!

Ep.6 The Evolutionary Psychology of Gunnar Clovis (Part 2)



From the confines of his vocal booth, Michael Spicer makes more excuses as to why he doesn't have a new episode yet, and lays out his plans for the next few months.

Also listen until the end for some bonus "lost" material. Hope you enjoy!

Ep.7 Schwoop-PAH with Jared Farney


Schwoop-PAH noises. Sound design/music combinations. Providing audio for game jams. Getting rich slow schemes. Today I’m super happy to talk to drummer/composer/educator Jared Farney about his latest album Relics, an iterative collaboration with artist Stuart Wade. 

Jared's website:

Jared’s Album Relics on SoundCloud:

Stuart Wade’s website:

Ep.8 Molly Redfield's Calculus Homework (Part 1)


Jazz Bass. ICU’s. Work/life balance. Post-Secondary administration. Broken Elevators. YOLO. In this episode, I talk to freshly hired full-time professor Molly Redfield before she leaves Vegas behind to corrupt the Louisiana youth at LSU.

Ep.8 Molly Redfield's Calculus Homework (Part 2)

ANOUNCEMENT: 8 Bit Asset Pack Finished!

Ep.9  Adam Brown's Time Traveling Water Fowl 

Duck Paradoxes. Shepard Tones. Inspirational babies. In this episode, I talk to my bro from a different mo Adam Brown, and we talk all things audio, career stuff, composing music and designing sound for video games and lots more!


Check out Adam’s website:


And make sure to check out Adam’s newly released game DUCK PARADOX on Steam:

Reflections 2

Short Films. King Chuck. Bees, bees, BEES. Spicer reflects once again, and tries to digest his thoughts and coffee while his cat eats the soundproofing material off the wall of his recording booth.

Ep.10 Merridith Elrod's Favorite Musicals

Newsies, box wine, and other white girl shit are the subject of this episode with MRS. Spice To Meet You. Merridith Elrod kicks back with her husband and talks about her journey from cruise ship dancer to volunteer coordinator at the Nevada SPCA. 

To find out how to support or volunteer with the Nevada SPCA, go to

You've already found this website, but here's an ad for it anyway! (More sci-fi nonsense).

Ep.10.5 Red Head Redemption 2: Ask Your Wife Better Questions, You Narcissist- Valentine’s Edition.

Clogs for the feet. Sprained ankles. Wheelchairs. Management skills. Hoedowns. In this comeuppance episode, I do a better job at asking my wife about her actual life: Her career as a cruise ship performer, her chronic pain and multiple surgeries, her first switch from dancing to wardrobe, followed by another switch to working with animals. 

To find out about volunteering with Merridith or donating to the Nevada SPCA, visit

Ep.11 Michael Rabadan's Wooden Car Parts

Swiss cheese car pedals. The Berklee Curse. Cruise ships. Fungus tonsils. Backyard bamboo. Wooden car parts. Las Vegas trumpeter Michael Rabadan takes a break from buzzing his lips to talk to a fellow Michael about being a musician nowadays and have a couple laughs about our strange career choices.

Michael’s Instagram:

Ep.12 Three Beeps with Jeremy Scott Olsen

Automated Dialogue Replacement. Game Jams. Truck Days. Seth McFarlane’s Parking Spot. Reactions to reaction videos. Jeremy Scott Olsen does music and sound, and he loves it. You’ll love listening to talk about him loving it, too.


Badself Music (JSO’s new record label!):

JSO’s website:

Hare Runner, the game we made for Ludum Dare 52:

Reflections 3

Spicer plugs his friends' projects in the most narcissistic way possible.


Digital Scorpion Interactive’s website

DSI on Twitch:

Chris Polus on Twitter:

Zach Fried on Instagram:

Mat Hayes’ Shafted on IMDb:

Hare Runner on

Miyukiew (Hare Runner artist) on Instagram:

Spice To Rip Van Winkle You

Spicer returns from a year long hiatus from poddin’, bruised but not broken, having tried his hand at a career in game audio just in time for the Layoffalypse ™ of 2023.

Ep.13 Ice Cream Shop Karaoke with Alexa Thanos


Game Jams. Post Secondary Postulations. Beatmapping. Spaced-Out Studs. Alexa Thanos (Thay-nohs, not the purple guy) is my first guest after a year of no podding. We talk about her roots as a musician, her partnership with Sean Ettlin to form Spaced Out Studios, their newest album The Little Bookshelf, and overall just have a great discussion about creating music.


Alexa’s Website

Alexa’s Twitter

Spaced Out Studio’s Website

Spaced Out Studio’s Twitter

Alexa and Sean’s latest album

Space Cadet Academy:

Monochrome Motif Records:

Badself Media:

Ep.14 Card Flips and Elephants with Gabe Romero and Dan Glynn


Spelunking. Recording a mine shaft. The modularity of both circus and casino game music. RV’s flying apart while in transit. Awkward job interviews. In this episode I talk to Gabe Romero and Dan Glynn, both former circus musicians for Ringling, and both sound designers for Konami here in Vegas. They are also the founding members of the band Greybag, whose latest album is called Never Meant To Stay.


Greybag’s website:

Never Meant To Stay on Bandcamp:

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